Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Gift...

It was his 1st birthday after their marriage… She was so excited to gift him something special.Though they had love marriage and she knew all his liking, she was confused. She wanted to gift him something that he will really love and will make his day memorable.She called up their few friends and arranged surprise party for him. Went for shopping and came back with lots of gifts wrapped in shining paper, that will bring big smile on his face.

Just a day before his birthday, she was out for shopping, to buy some food items n other stuff.. She stopped at the shop and buy another gift for him. Next day they spent whole day together… She cooked for him, they had party in the evening, he met all his old friends, after such a long time… She was yet to give any of the gifts. He was also waiting  for her gift but did not say anything. After party they went for long drive and then she gifted him with… Rubik's Cube… The gift was unique… Puzzles always used to excite him… He was impressed.

He started solving the cube colors whenever he gets time. It was an easy puzzle for him. Everyday he used to solve it partially and used to leave home in the morning. When he used to come back, all the efforts he had put were used be in vain, someone used to change everything and each face of cube used to have almost every color. Initially he thought, it's his wife who tries to solve the puzzle but could not and with all her efforts things are becoming tough. But he was happy, his wife was taking interest in his liking. A lot of days passed, but none of them could solve the cube, Not his wife nor he, because of his wife.

Then came a long weekend and he decided to finish up with the puzzle. He struggled for the whole day, and when he was almost done, got friend’s call. He received the call, put the cube on table. After half an hr when he came back to the room and wanted to resume with his puzzle, found his wife attempting with the cube. He saw, his wife was not trying to solve the puzzle, but she was making it unsolved again… He got frustrated and screamed at her, ”what the hell r u doing, I spent my whole day in solving this, n now u r ruining all my effort”. He was very angry, now he knew why he could not solve the puzzle for so many days. With all anger he left the home.

Cool wind had it's job done… he was back with his happy go lucky temper and was convinced with her genuine efforts and his mistake as well. It was almost 10.30 pm when he returned back. She was sleeping on her side of bed and a letter was resting in peace, on his side. He read it and fall in love with her… again…