Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Blue Melody - The Other side

Few days back I read the blog
Simple situation but the way it was narrated, it was awesome and really touched my heart. I was standing by her side and watching the scene.
But what about him? What he must have felt? How does it look from his side?
So here is just a try to peep into His mind. It might not give exact impression of his thoughts but just a guess.

We were in the auto and it suddenly came upon her. Like that only. I simply can’t understand why few things happen.

We were quite ok till I told her about that article. It was saying that women can’t control their emotions and men who write about them should be shot. The author called women as “hysterical creatures” and was a bit rude and harsh towards female community. I also believe some or the other way, almost every woman I know comes into this category. She looked at me and started crying.

I simply couldn’t understand the reason. She was giving the proof of what was said. Reluctance towards the reason came on my face n it made her cry harder. What tears unseen worth anyway?

If I'd waited any longer, the auto driver would turned and offered her a sympathetic shoulder and that wouldn't just do. So asked her, ”why are you crying?”
Oh god I hate this, she never accepts when she cry. I asked her many a times but she denied the fact and continued with her tears. I simply can’t understand, do she really needs my sympathy or just wanna test my restlessness. Finally she gave me the reason which was quite expected, and I could not find it that much worth.

I simply hold her shoulder.

Those simple drops of water. No man can see his love crying… it’s not because men don’t know how to console. But those drops of water wipe out our smile, peace, hope everything. We men always claim to be the stronger than women, but when it comes to expressing our feelings, we are just loosers.

Distraction from the pain is the best way for its cure.

I simply hold her firmly and started reading the boards of the various shops we pass them by. One by one.

"Cell city"

"Juice wagon"

"Jolly tailors"

"Lovely snacks"

I guess she stops crying. I can not dare to look at her and revisit the pain again.

There is a blue cloth that flaps by the mirror in the auto. It makes a nice warm sound in the wind.