Wednesday, 9 March 2011


As usual I was waiting for my bus and she came. She..4-5 years old cute girl. Her mummy was caring her big tiffin bag n small bag with a book. she was singing her favorite (i think so) poem. Asking her mummy to pay attention to her and not to others. She had continuous smile on her face. was jumping... laughing... screaming... no tension at all. Her cute smile attracted me and then onwards I started staring at her. Within few days noticed she sings different poem everyday n if her mummy tries to correct her mistake or pronunciation, she says teacher told her in that way and teacher is correct. Her cute smile... her energy... her innocence... u guys must have seen the waterfall, boundary less. This cute girl reminds me of waterfall...We are just to feel it... and no words can describe that feeling.
With my ear phones playing radio songs, I saw a group of 4-5 boys crossed the road and they started their chat. Their cloths and hairstyle was saying, they are about 15-16 years old. They were tzing each other. Were discussing and laughing about some weired habits of their tuition teacher. Were gossiping about girls from their tuition...Cricket... bikes...coldrinks...n what not. They were continuously smiling. How ?? Is it because they don't have office.. or they can bunk their tensions... or they are with friends.. with their favorite topics.. They were changing the topics at the speed more that 90kmph. Their smile was like a rainbow... with different colors all together...
Now I think my day starts with radio and I feel like I am the only person listing to FM stations. Waiting is most the irritating thing.
One day suddenly a girl came and stood next to me. She is elder than me, married and having a baby(She only told me). She looked at me and smiled. We were completely strangers but then we got to know we are working with same company. At 7.30 in the morning she was so full of energy. She was talking about so many things...about company, carrier, her family, her son... and I was listing and replying to everything as if we knew each other for so long. Then I noticed one thing in her voice... her happiness, satisfaction, success. She was having lovely kid, caring and supportive family, bright carrier..everything that a simple girl will wish... Her smile was like perfect Sunny day.
This office bus requires me to follow some time lines. A fixed routine. but every day I watch few health conscious people taking morning walk. Don't know but some how I feel, most of them are following their routines religiously but are actually bored with it. Everyday I watch a couple..Uncle 55-56 yrs old and aunty of age 52-53. They look simply made for each other. And within few days I noticed that during the walk they share views about books, movies, politics etc. I have seen them discussing a lot of many times but never fighting about their opinions. On one lazy Monday morning I got late and crossed the couple at different location and not the usual one. Aunty saw me.. she smiled at me.. and said "Run, else you will miss the bus.." we all laughed... then onwards we exchange smiles ..we don't know each other, still a smile connects us everyday.
On bus stop I got the new hobby. I try to find out what can be the reason that took a person out at so early in the morning. One day I saw a man ... stick in hand, gray hair, face with lots of wrinkles and listening music from Apple Ipod. He looked like a perfect Grandpa.. At this age also he takes so good care of his health.. He was passing and suddenly he met with his friend...almost of his age...both of them were so happy to see each other... they got surprised. The smile and happiness was just overflowing from their faces. Their eyes got a different shine.Suddenly they got so much of energy to recollect their golden memories... that erased all the wrinkles from their faces.
We know law of conservation of energy. It says total amount of energy always remain constant and it just gets converted from one form into other..but Smile is another form of energy which never remains can simply replicate and increase... so whats the real form of smile?? I think I need to find it please help me and Just smile :)

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