Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Its Me MY Girl Friend...

Being a vacant desk in a cubical, I was getting extremely bored, till the NSS man came to me, with CPU in one hand and a small paper in other. I was curious about the chit, hoping it will have the name of my new friend, my new desk-mate. NSS man put down the chit and bent down to connect the CPU when I saw the chit. All efforts I took to peep into the chit were not of any use as it was MY address, written on it. All of us belonging to same cubical – My desk friends and their corresponding desk-mates had obvious question, who is gonna come? Me with few more questions - A boy /Girl, will be tall or short (yes this is one of the imp aspects for us), neat and tidy or just a messy person.

Next morning I woke up at 8.50am. That bloody Admin man always does this to us, he just switch on the all lights and starts AC, snatches away our comfort. It was the day of his arrival, my desk-mate, the thought brought big smile on my face. My previous friend was a handsome guy (most of the girls from ODC will agree to me). His responsibilities, so called intelligence and more than anything his good looks used to make the cubical overcrowded with many girls. We all (my desk friends as well) used to enjoy it ;)

At 9 .05 am, a girl came to our cubical giggling and she kept something heavy on me. The heavy thing was her purse, carrying the whole world into it. She arranged her monitor, keyboard, mouse according to her convenience and started the CPU. I felt so good; finally I got a (desk) girl friend. Within few hours I realized, this girl gonna rock. Almost every person from ODC knew her and was coming to congratulate her for her new location. As they say, mine is the perfect location for doing anything other that work ;)  With this perfect start we started our journey and it still continues.
With time, I got to know about her huge knowledge regarding their project, technology and also her dedication towards it. Vnet kept on me always rings for her; people ask for her help in critical situation. She solves all problems so patiently; I really admire her for this. Always overloaded with work, she stays back till late and finishes the work within a time. Really a good girl :) Few a times, I have heard her singing and she is really good. Her friends do come to her frequently; they share their secrets, comments, all Gtalks (Girls Talk). It’s quite interesting to know their views. Because of her, our cubical is now full of fun, loud laughter, problems and their solutions, her personal issue, phone call ;) everything.


This girl is actually workaholic, Every now and then she thinks about her work. Any problem that comes to her, directly or indirectly; becomes her personal problem and then she don’t even breathe till it gets solved. It’s really difficult to stop her then. Her friends get tired of taking the problem out of her mind. They make her laugh, make fun of the problem itself, try to convince her and at the same time try to understand her feelings as well. Our 'Miss Responsible' understands everything but does not follow anything. Yes, that’s the name we have given to her, 'Miss Responsible'. She acts as if the whole world is facing the adverse impacts of problem that she is trying to solve and if she fails they; she will be hanged till death. Originator of the problem can be anybody, right from any machine, her health, till her manager but here is our Lady Atlas, carrying whole world on her shoulders. If I could speak; rather if you people could hear me, I would have shouted at her, saying, "Please go away… Don’t you have other things in life… stop sitting in front of me and stop staring that monitor who is making your problems bigger and bigger. At times it’s really important that you give rest to your mind, body, even machines; so that they can perform as you expect. Expectations from others will be unending but then it’s you who can control and manage them. Their expectation shows trust in you but trust will exist till the time you exist." From last few days I am witnessing the pain that my girl friend is suffering from. Her hand ligament is seriously injured and she is just ignoring it. "My friend, Please don’t do this to yourself, its You who is more important to us. Your hard works, dedication, sincerity everything will pay you someday, but for that don’t put yourself on stake."

Today my girl friend is back from her medical leave, which was supposed to be her Diwali vacation, and she is just the same old stubborn fellow, not listening to anybody. "My Girl friend, Please do take care of yourself, I want to enjoy all your funny comments, singing, facebooking. I feel really good when all your friends come to us ;), I want to be the part of all moments when you smile, enjoy, chat, fight, tease … all reflections of your pure heart. I don’t want to be called as your second home but want to be the place, where I will witness the wonderful moments in your life. And then I will send a mail"

Sweets from My Desk At My Desk
Occasion: Got New Girl Friend ;)

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