Monday, 6 October 2014

Wine & Bottle...

She was out for shopping… Last 2 months were the busiest days of her life. "Buying a brand  new home is not as simple as they quote in home loan advertise. Probably buying a house is easier but to make it a sweet home is definitely not easy” , she thought. She was on top of  the world, when she, with her husband received the keys of their own house.

Most of her friends advised her to give a contract to interior decorators, who can make best use of each and every corner of the house, and still make it beautiful. Her husband was also insisting the same as he knew that, it will be difficult for him to take out the time from office to help her in decorating their house. But she did not listen to anyone. She wanted her house to become her dream home. The dream she and her husband saw together. She did not want to borrow the dreams of some professional decorator.

Though the house they bought was not too big but was definitely sufficient for their family. She wanted to decorate her house in such a way that it will reflect the personality of each and every one in her family. She bought a wall clock with gears for her machine loving husband. She bought a curtain which can hold the collection of CDs for her father in law. She bought crockery rack just to display the crockery collected by her mother in law since her entry to the new family. Each and every corner of her house was showing the versatile human natures living happily, under the same roof.

Today, while wandering around the mall, she was thinking about her new home. About the gifts, about delicious food, the overall arrangements for the function, about their relatives and friends who came with best wishes for her house warming ceremony.

She was feeling blessed. Her home was the perfect canvas for her picture perfect family.

After all those tiring days, today she was relaxing at coffee shop in the mall. It was the time when she wanted to celebrate her happiness with her family. She closed her eyes to imagine those wonderful moments in her new home. 'She, her husband, her father in law and mother in law. Sitting on the brand new sofa in their drawing room. Wine bottle, on the center table with glass top. Chatting and recollecting those beautiful moments that they spent together throughout these years. The wine glasses, getting filled and refilled, when connection with world outside their door is lost. The moments of satisfaction, happiness, smiles were replacing the wine in bottle and glasses...'

She thought, she will keep those wine bottle and glasses in her home for ever... Just like a wine, this precious moment will get older and tastier with time...

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