Saturday, 6 August 2011

Friendship Day Diary

“Atharv” (6 yrs)

Today I got bored in school. Teacher asks us to repeat all poems everyday. I do not like it. Today I got new friend “Sakshi”. She was wearing red frock. Red is my favorite color. But she was repeating those boring poems along with teacher so I do not like her. Today Dada bought few ribbons, with different colors. He had few ribbons tied on his hand. I asked him what are those for. He never answers my questions, and says U r a kid. I guess he also don’t know why to have ribbons. But then mom told me, its friend day or something today. So Dada n his friends tied those ribbons on each other’s wrist. I could not understand why to do so, but I told mom that me too want those ribbons, I am also a big boy now. Mom agreed to it, bt took promise that tomorrow morning I wont trouble her and drink my milk without any complains. I will tie the ribbon on Sakshi’s hand. I have some confusion, which part of hand is actually called as wrist. O but I need to practice to tie a knot… I will handle it I am a big boy now.

“Mohit” (12 yrs)

Day was ok ok types. As usual teachers taught boring lessons. Can’t they understand we don’t like boring lectures. Today was friendship day. Bought friendship bands. This time my bands had completely different look. It had racing cars pictures on it. Looks very nice on wrist. I didn’t tie them of wrist of those boring girls from my class. Their chats are so boring, they don’t even know what’s the latest version of the various video games. We can understand they don’t have that much brains as well… nyways enjoyed a lot with  friends … Met at “Rishi”’s place. His parents are nice… at least they don’t ask to do this and that… We really had a blast on this Friendship day…

“Maitreyee” (18 yrs)

Today was friendship day… started with phone calls n SMS to wish each other. Me and “Priya” chat almost for 2 hrs…Went to college, but already had plan of mass bunk… Its friendship day after all, we have to have fun. Tied bands on wrists of friends. As usual “Payal” started comparing them, how can she compare prices of friendship bands, pathetic u knw. Went to “Wyadeshwar” hotel, was overcrowded. We waited for an hr, n finally got the table. “Akash” suggested for a movie, we didn’t get tickets, so had fun with bowling. It was late then so he came to drop me at my place. Today “Priya” suggested me to tell him my feelings, bt I said its friendship day n not Valentine’s day. If I say anything today, I might even loose friendship. “Priya” had senti dialogue on this as well “Its friendship day, don’t ask any thing from u r friend, just give them u r friendship”. I seriously can’t understand from where she get all these dialogues. But this time she was right… after long time :) :)

“Anish” (27 yrs)

My very first friendship day, here in US. As usual had hectic day at ofc. I simply can’t understand what offshore team does. For every small issue they call us. Anyways, today was friendship day. All my new friends and colleagues decided to have blast in the evening. We gathered at John’s pub. Small place but was full of energetic, enthusiastic young crowd. I am yet to understand what’s the lower and upper limit of age to get called as “YOUNG”, here in US. Every one was drinking and dancing, enjoying like anything. We also had our drinks, danced (I am very bad at that). John’s pub has same scene everyday, but today crowd was much more, n they had official reason to celebrate. 
After returning back, just checked out the mails, mail box was full of friendship day mails. Wonderful mails. Every mail filled with a lot of meaning and memories of those friends. That fun at CCD, those fights for ridding bikes, those discussions... Its Friendship day today, n I m all alone here in US...

“Gauri” (40 yrs)

Today was Tanu’s birthday. As usual me n Milind wanted to make it memorable for her. I was on leave; the happiness on her face was priceless. Me n Tanu played her favorite games in the morning. Milind came at around 1.30. We had our lunch n then our family celebration. Milind gave her all the gifts… new Barbie, soft toys, coloring book set. I prepared chocolates for her; her cute little eyes were shining. We had small party in the evening, my as well as Milind’s parents came for their dearest grand daughter. I also didn’t know, but they gifted her a bicycle. Surprise gift and lots of blessing. Tanu’s friends were happy with b’day party menu and so was Tanu. 
Since morning my cell was ringing, mostly messages, but didn’t attended any. I didn’t want to disturb my family life, with those messages from office colleagues. But those were messages from my friends, It was friendship day today. I forgot it completely. Replied to messages and got lost with those wonderful memories. Milind is also wishing his friend…. Yes we had lots of fun with them, leg pulling, trips together… now they r not just friends but our supporters…. They bring same old joy in our life to make it colorful again… Thank you friends… and Happy friendship day…

“Avinash” (53 yrs)

Since morning, Saurabh’s phone was ringing n then almost 30 min chat. And between two calls messaging. Finally I lost my patience and ask him what’s the matter. He replied its friendship day… I tell you this generation, they just want a reason to have parties and celebrations, rather they create reasons like this … someone shud to tell them, friendship don’t require such days to celebrate. N what all these boys and girls do? Gather at some place, have their favorite food, drinks, laugh aloud and try to show how cool they are. I hate all this show off, but I know, Saurabh, rather any child these days won’t listen to parents just because they are telling. They will ask you questions and then they will need convincing answers. They are also correct, just because we couldn’t question our parents doesn’t mean new generation should also not.
Its about 10.30 pm, n Saurabh is yet to come. But I proud of my son, he is at the hospital with his friend. His friend’s father had an accident, he is ok now but the young boy got really scared. Obviously, he is just 17yrs old. But I really appreciate other boys, they left party, and within next few mins they were at the hospital. My children, you really celebrated the Friendship day…

“Shrirang” (65 yrs)

Now a days I can’t sleep after 4am. So from today I started pranayam along with yoga. My time pass and it’s also good for health. Since yesterday my grand daughter “Saloni” was collecting those colorful satin ribbons. She told me its friendship day tomorrow that’s today. I don’t know how these children do this all but thought lets celebrate. I bought few roses, florist told me, yellow is the color for friendship. These kids are wonderful, they want everything to be cleared, no complications, no confusions. I gave roses to my friends at jogging park. They got surprised that I know all this. Felt really good. My son was criticizing this new generation.
But really, we meet so many people in our life. Few remain stranger, few become acquaintances n few really special become our friends. We play, sing, dance, chat, share secrets, help, sacrifices for them. So what’s wrong in expressing our feeling for them… Expressing they are and will always be special for us… Friends forever…

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