Friday, 1 February 2013

The Notebook...

I like visiting stationary stores. I can spend hours with those colorful papers, pens, notebooks, diaries, sketch-pens, erasers, stickers… Every item smells so new. Each item attracts me, surprise me and then I simply can’t stop myself from buying all that stuff. Generally I roam around the colors section, slightest change in shade, making a huge difference… making life beautiful.

Last time when I visited the store, I stopped at the notebooks and diaries section. The rack was full of notebooks/ diaries with different page layouts, sizes and colors. The golden embossing on few diaries was announcing the arrival of New Year. Few notebooks were full of colorful flowers, while few with white pages, waiting for their owners, to make it colorful... Bookmark strings of few notebooks were very pretty while few diaries had a pen, already occupying the pen holder space in diary cover. Few engineer’s diaries had same old list of formulae rewritten in new font. Few executive diaries were presenting the owner with a changed world through updated maps and few diaries containing the STD/ISD codes of new cities and states, bringing the world closer.

Now to tell the truth, I am a bit of lazy girl and never make any resolutions, especially not for New Year. What I believe is never make any promises, even to yourself, if you know you can’t keep it till the end. So this year was also not an exception. I did not make any resolution this year as well. But that day I thought to buy a notebook and write whatever and whenever I feel like. Write... Not as a resolution but to have a New Year notebook. I was searching for the most beautiful notebook in the rack, but every notebook was unique in its own way and so I could not decide which one to buy.

It’s a day of Feb now, and I am yet to buy a notebook. I have visited the stationary shop many a times, after that day but, I am yet to decide. My friend says I am just making my confusion as an excuse for not buying a notebook to write down what I actually feel.

Actually, I am afraid... afraid of becoming like an open notebook.

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