Monday, 24 March 2014

Women's Day...!!!

It was an evening before women's day when we were planning for the day. My office was celebrating women’s week and arranged everything specially for female employees. Celebration for a week included Women health care, makeover parlors, Book exhibition, many surprise games n gifts. Whole environment was full of women power...

On women’s day i.e. on 8th March, office announced traditional day for female employees and this was the event we were planning for. Our discussions were endless and finally we settled down on a traditional punjabi salwar suite.

Next day we reached office in our best dress. At office gate we saw security ladies were checking our bags. Today they were not just checking the bags but were giving something to each female employee. It was a woman’s day special greeting card; Women empower badge, red rose and a big smile. Company was appreciating our strength, our efforts, our dedication, our wisdom, our spirit, our womanhood…

All of us were happy, it is really a nice feeling to know that; someone notices, appreciates you.

Every girl entering in our ODC was carrying a big smile on her face. Everyone around was bz with planning and celebrating the women's day. Yes...!!! boys were also celebrating the day by teasing all the girls :) :)

On one of my friend Pooja’s desk, I saw a bunch of red roses. The bunch of roses turned my teasing mood ON and I started teasing her with my questions and comments. How could I miss such a golden opportunity of fun? The day at office came to an end with lots of beautiful memories.

While returning back, I was having chat with some other friend of mine, when I told her about Pooja's bunch of red roses. I was telling her how I enjoyed the teasing, when my friend told me that, the bunch of red roses was not the one that Pooja received; but those roses were for the security ladies staff. Pooja gave a rose to every lady in the security crew. It was surprising... When we were busy in planning our DAY, she was thinking of a DAY for each and every women around her. She wanted the pure smile on their faces. She was not only appreciating the security lady's efforts but also celebrating their courage, strength, willingness for betterment.    

My friend with a bunch of red roses “Pooja Kulkarni”  We are proud of u Pooja… Actually it’s U who truly celebrated the Women’s Day…

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