Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Magical Balloon...

Today morning, I was waiting for my bus, when I saw small kid with his mother. Mother was carrying a heavy load of utensils to sell. The small footsteps of kid were unable to catch up the walking speed of his mothers. There were lot of other attractions on road; pulling him back. 

At one corner of road, there was a balloon seller standing, blowing the colorful balloons, one by one. Balloons catch hold the attention of kid making him stood there only.Twinkling eyes of kid were very innocent and were busy in watching the magic of balloon getting bigger and bigger.The kid was staring at the balloon, and the balloon seller at the kid. 

I don't know what the balloon seller was thinking of; but suddenly he took the bright red color balloon, and handed it to the kid. The kid’s eyes got filled up with the happiness and were shining like small diamonds. Kids mother, still unaware of all this, turned back for her kid and found her son, with a red balloon in his hands, big smile on his face and the eyes shining with the happiness. Mother came to her kid and told her son to return the balloon as she did not have any money to buy it.

The kid saw the balloon again and raised his hand to return the balloon when balloon seller told kid's mother that it’s a gift to her son. Kid's eyes blinked with happiness again; he was carrying the magic in his hands. The balloon seller was happy with the kid’s smile and was happier for being a reason of that smile.

The Red balloon… Reason for making everyone’s morning Good… rather Best :) :)

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