Friday, 2 May 2014

100 Happy Days...

Few days back I was reading a blog “Kay Vatel te” written by Mr. Mahendra Kulkarni (Popularly known as Mahendra Kaka). The blog had a post with similar title. Out of curiosity I started reading the post and got the subject for my this brand new post.

Each day of our life gives us something good or bad. But then it’s up to us what to remember and what to forget and move on. As an ideal answer every one of us will say, “We should remember the good things that happens to us” but at the same time we all know that we simply creep for the bad things that happens to us.

What I believe is each day brings something good for us, and it’s just a matter of realizing the good part. Mahendra Kaka’s blog post inspired me to find out such a good thing in each day, anything which brings smile on our face; anything which makes us happy; anything which gives us satisfaction.

So now for next 100 Days I will try to note down the moments which gave me “Feeling Happy :)” status. Let’s see how far I can go…

Day#1 – Happiness is having holiday on very first day of the month :)
Day#2 – Happiness is eating butterscotch ice cream in wafer cone :)
Day#3 - Happiness is finding the petrol pump when u r worried if your 2 wheeler can pass next 50 Mtr. :)
Day#4 - Happiness is watching your favorite TV serial on Sunday as well :)
Day#5 - Happiness is teasing your friend on one of the silliest topic and every one including her enjoys it a lot :)
Day#6 - Happiness is talking to your friend about your frustration & he gives you a small solution that u could not think of :)
Day#7 - Happiness is overloaded with your favorite work in office :)
Day#8 - Happiness is watching a bird who they say can fulfill your wish :)
Day#9 - Happiness is when ppl understand your qualities and realize that they can not go ahead without you :)
Day#10 - Happiness is when you spend time with loved once :) 
Day#11 - Happiness is preparing a greeting card for your best friend :)
Day#12 - Happiness is completing one of important task of the month :)
Day#13 - Happiness is sleeping an extra hour :)
Day#14 - Happiness is when client approves your solution without any questions or doubts :)
Day#15 - Happiness is meeting your friend after long long time and then watching the cutest photos of her baby girl :)
Day#16 - Happiness is when election results gives you your favorite and most deserving candidate as PM  :)
Day#17 - Happiness is shopping shopping :)
Day#18 - Happiness is prepare a beautiful greeting card when you have already messed it up :)
Day#19 - Happiness is having eating veg manchurian :)
Day#20 - Happiness is perfectly ready for celebration :)
Day#21 - Happiness is smile on birthday boy's face, whole day celebration with your loved one :)
Day#22 - Happiness is when message comes to appreciate your efforts for the perfect birthday celebration :)
Day#23 - Happiness is when your plan gets successful :)
Day#24 - Happiness is completing eating your favorite chocolate throughout a day :)
Day#25 - Happiness is eating unlimited PaniPuri :)
Day#26 - Happiness is eating yummy Chocolate Almond cake on ur best frnz birthday :)
Day#27 - Happiness is when u almost miss the ofc bus, but driver uncle see u and stops the bus for u :)
Day#28 - Happiness is receiving the cutest photo of your nephew on watsapp :)
Day#29 - Happiness is teasing your friend on her new look after marriage :)
Day#30 - Happiness is long drive on your bike after long time :)
Day#31 - Happiness is travelling to Mama's place :)
Day#32 - Happiness is receiving 500 Rs as blessings :)
Day#33 - Happiness is enjoying the tea time with your friends :)
Day#34 - Happiness is when you get the logical answers to your questions :)
Day#35 - Happiness is when people praise u for your cooking skills :)
Day#36 - Happiness is when someone tells u the secret news :)
Day#37 - Happiness is when u eat ice cream with truti fruity
Day#38 - Happiness is when your mom is back to home and you no more need to worry about any household work :)
Day#39 - Happiness is when they believe that you know few things better than others and your age does not matter in such case :)
Day#40 - Happiness is when you give your best to convince them :)
Day#41 - Happiness is when your best friend, philosopher, guide calls you almost after an year :)
Day#42 - Happiness is when your best friend tells you his secret which was never a secret for you  :)
Day#43 - Happiness is when your best friend promises you that he will gift you key chains to add them in your key chain collection :)
Day#44 - Happiness is when you understand your mistake and have guts to say "sorry..!!!" :)
Day#45 - Happiness is dealing with unending questions if your cutest nephew :)
Day#46 - Happiness is watching a movie in theater after 15 hrs of successful deployment :)
Day#47 - Happiness is eating mangoes when you are hell lot of hungry :)
Day#48 - Happiness is when you get the approval for... :)
Day#49 - Happiness is in wearing a brand new dress and everyone else appreciates your choice  :)
Day#50 - Happiness is when someone gives you a sweet surprise :)
Day#51 - Happiness is when you could finish your work in time, when you are overloaded with it :)
Day#52 - Happiness is eating tasty pavbhaji and butterscotch ice-cream :)
Day#53 - Happiness is when you cook delicious dishes for your family :) 
Day#54 - Happiness is when cute little Australian girl named Sara say "Hi I m Shala... whatsh ur name??  :)
Day#55 - Happiness is when someone dedicates a song to you :)
Day#56 - Happiness is when you see a handsome boy ;) :)
Day#57 - :)
Day#58 - Happiness is when you get the promotion :)
Day#59 - Happiness is when clear the medical test :)
Day#60 - Happiness is awesome lunch with family @ BBQ :)
Day#61 - Happiness is when others celebrates your success :)
Day#62 - :)
Day#63 - Happiness is when a well-wisher wishes well for you :)
Day#64 - Happiness is enjoying the long awaited rains :)
Day#65 - Happiness is eating unlimited panipuri and bike ride :)
Day#66 - Happiness is since long time u r waiting for your nephew to call u with your name and finally he calls u "Shopta Attu" :)
Day#67 - Happiness is lazy Sunday  :)
Day#68 - Happiness is chit-chat with your close friend :)
Day#69 - Happiness is when someone unexpectedly gives u the compliment :)
Day#70 - Happiness is when your manager is back from his vacation and you are no more answerable to his seniors :)
Day#71 - Happiness is when you get to know about your fan following ;) :)
Day#72 - Happiness is when cutest Shriya tells you your childhood story with a modern touch :)
Day#73 - Happiness is when you try to convince someone and person in front of you seems to be convinced though not showing ;) :)
Day#74 - Happiness is old fellow becoming New Friend :)
Day#75 - Happiness is u wish and someone gets pizza for u :)
Day#76 -  :)
Day#77 - Happiness when someone shows his care and asks u "did u take medicines??" :)
Day#78 -  :)
Day#79 - Happiness is when everyone appreciated ur cooking :)
Day#80 - Happiness is receiving the gift from ur onsite friend :)
Day#81 - Happiness is when dependency on u gets proved again & again :)
Day#82 - Happiness is giving a challenge to ur friend when everyone including her knows that she can not complete it :)
Day#83 - Happiness is salary hike :) :)
Day#84 - Happiness when everyone in ofc supports ur point :)
Day#85 - Happiness is driving ur 2-wheeler with maximum speed :)
Day#86 - Happiness is when no. of key-chains in your collection is more than 70 :)
Day#87 - Happiness is completing one of the major task :)
Day#88 - Happiness is Holiday :)
Day#89 - Happiness is seating at a window seat in bus and watching rain :)
Day#90 - :)
Day#91 - Happiness is one of the best achievement :)
Day#92 - Happiness is remembering those beautiful moments spent with her after watching her watsapp DP :)
Day#93 - Happiness is when all misunderstandings gets resolved :)
Day#94 - Happiness is yummy food after whole day fast :)
Day#95 - :)
Day#96 - Happiness is when people have and shows their trust in you:)
Day#97 - Happiness is when dad drops you to bus stop and u need not run to catch the ofc bus :)
Day#98 - Happiness is Devil's Own in CCD :)
Day#99 - Happiness is extraordinarily perfect gulabjams prepared by you for your bros  :)
Day#100 - Happiness is rakhi pornima celebration with all your lovely bros :)

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